Spike, Take a letter.

“Dear Princess Celestia-

Today, I learned something wonderful.

But it wasn’t so much about my friends, as it was about myself. For you see princess…I have the most to learn out of anyone. Even though I don’t like to admit it :(

You see, before I came to Ponyville…there was very little I knew about social interaction. There’s only so much you can read about having friends without actually spending time with them. Sure Spike was there, but I can’t relate to him as well as I would always like. He’s more like a little brother to me. I adore him, but Spike just doesn’t share my interests. He can be annoying and nosey, and doesn’t respect my privacy; he just isn’t the same sort of friend as the ones I have made since coming to Ponyville.

And of course you were there Princess, but as much as I don’t want to say it, you were closer to a guardian for me than a friend. You were always above me, always expecting great things, and while I would not trade that for the world…it’s just not the same as having people in my own age group I can laugh with, who I can share all my thoughts, ideas and problems with.

I look up to you too much Princess; I would not be able to treat you the way a proper friend deserves. 


But even still, I felt content. In a way, I guess I was happy. Happy that I had already accomplished so much at a young age, happy that my life was on a track that I had chosen, and that I had a solid future.

But I suppose that is what got the better of me. I guess I became…well…a little full of myself. I felt that I was above needing typical friendships, because I had you and my studies. I felt I didn’t need anything else…and the longer I stayed shut in with my books, the more arrogant I got. I had stayed inside reading for so long that it became the only thing I knew. Equestrian history, sports, nature, jobs, style, fun…all these things became non-descript pieces of paper that were to be archived and referenced when I needed them to prove my worth to you once more. I thought I was happy, but I guess I just didn’t know how happy I COULD be.

I had turned into a bit of a sassy hipster.


This is why arriving in Ponyville was such a massive shock to the system, which wasn’t at all helped by the fact that the first pony I met was Pinkie, haha.

Every pony I met was more foreign to me than the last. At first, I thought that every pony in this town was CRAZY! But now that I have been through so much with them…well…they are still crazy, haha. But I love them all the more for it.

Each one of my friends has helped me to understand more about what it takes to be a worthy companion, and how best to overcome the obstacles life throws at us.


Pinkie Pie, gosh Princess, what can I say about her? She goes at 100 miles an hour, all day every day. She can get exhausting at times, and I still don’t fully understand how she can predict certain things like doors opening and objects falling from the sky, but I wouldn’t trade her uniqueness for the world. She has helped to teach me that it can be healthy to put aside your concerns for how other people see you. She is so comfortable with herself, and is afraid of no monster. I envy her for that endless well of energy she draws from, and her ability to always look on the brighter side.

But I also sense a dark side in Pinkie. I don’t know if she is hiding something, or can’t control her anger (seeing s how she is almost never angry and would be unfamiliar with the emotion) but I sense something more to her, and I cannot say for certain if it is pretty. Perhaps time will tell.


Applejack on the other hand, now she is easy. She’s the strongest pony I know, and not just physically. Applejack is like a warrior who watches over us, how she finds time to be our friend whilst still running that orchid of hers is anybody’s guess, but we can all count on her and she knows it.

I guess that is where she struggles though. She is so used to taking on so much work, that she can get a little carried away with it. She is very protective of Applebloom, even when it might be better to allow Applebloom to have those difficult life experiences that help us all grow. And she is so dedicated to all of us, that I don’t think she knows when to quit. She isn’t invincible, and has yet to learn that about herself.

She has taught me the meaning of honesty, and fortitude, through her brave actions and braver words.


This is also true of Fluttershy. I have never met a kinder or gentler pony in all my life. But despite her softness, Fluttershy shows remarkable strength, willing to put aside everything that makes he who she is, just to help us out.

Perhaps she is learning that sometimes, in order to show kindness and do the right thing by our friends, we have to be firm. It’s just that I don’t think she knows how to tame her inner beast, once she figures out how to let it off the chain.


But Rainbow Dash, her inner fighter is something she has dedicated her life to embracing. The wind in her mane, the glory of victory, the ferocious lightning bolts that fire alongside her as she cuts through the clouds…Rainbow Dash lives for adventure, so her aspiration to be part of the Wonderbolts is something that doesn’t surprise me in the least. They would be lucky to have her.

But I fear her lust for the extreme may stem from an intense desire to just be noticed. She craves self validation, and to her…being so electric and wild is a way to satisfy that craving. I hope she learns that we love her already, before she hurts herself trying to impress us…

She has an inferiority complex I think I can relate to….


Although Rarity seems to think she already HAS impressed us.

I adore Rarity. She is incredibly talented and creative; her skills as a fabric artist are truly unmatched in all of Equestria.

She IS however, just a little bit overly melodramatic. That’s her way though, and that’s fine, but she can get just as exhausting as Pinkie Pie at times. But I don’t really see this as a problem; quite the opposite in fact, she endears herself more and more to me every time I see her. I just wish Applejack could see Rarity the way I do and appreciate that even though you carry yourself delicately and immaculately, that doesn’t mean you are incapable of taking care of yourself and getting your problems solved.


I guess what I am trying to say here princess, is that all my friends have a place in Ponyville they truly belong. They have lived here for years, they just fit.

But me…I had no idea what I was doing. I have come to a foreign place, isolated, unfamiliar, and scary. I arrived judgmental and naive to their customs…so I had to slowly claw my way up the ladder. I had to work for my place. It wasn’t easy, but the things I have learnt along the way are more valuable than anything I could have learnt reading a textbook.

It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. One minute, I am trying to impose myself on Applejack and force her to rest herself from all her hard work, the next I am chewing out Spike for his attempt to sabotage the efforts of Owliscious.

In fact, I seem to swing back and forth between “Authorative leader” and “bossy bitch” a whole lot, with a little bit too much tendency to lean towards “bitch”. Maybe that comes from my years studying under you Princess. I mean, it isn’t at all your fault; it’s just part of my overachievement complex I need to try and conquer.  

With my strange hidden powers and the privilege of being around you for so long, I may sometimes get a bit full of myself, even when I don’t mean to. I feel I need to stay on top of things, not just to impress you, but because secretly….well….I couldn’t forgive myself if anything happened to my friends and it was my fault. I don’t think they know this, but I feel responsible for them. Maybe I picked it up from you Princess Haha ;)”

Oh um, Spike? Can you make sure you don’t include the word ‘bitch’ in that last paragraph? Just replace it with something else ok? I might get in trouble for that one. Spike? Are you listening? Ugh…

Anyway, where was I?


A very important day for me was Winter Wrap up day. That day I think truly helped to define who I was, and what I can do. Even though I think everyone had a good idea of where I would end up, it was still a memorable experience finding out. My friends helped me pick through the possibilities of what I could contribute, and without them I don’t think I would have been able to step up to the position I did and organise the event.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but the reason I wanted to fit in so badly was that the citizens of Ponyville had truly found a place in my heart. I instinctively wanted to repay that acceptance I had been shown, and even though I made some mistakes, I would not change that day for the world.

I guess the same is even true of when Trixie paid the town a visit…


That is one of the most valuable things I have learned since coming to Ponyville. To place others before myself. My friends have endeared themselves to me like I thought nopony could, and each one has helped rid me of my shallow, pre-conceived notions about the world in their own wonderful way. It has taken them a long time, but I think I am finally in a place where I am truly happy in being myself. My friends accept my love of study as part of who I am (Rainbow Dash affectionately calls me ‘bookworm’ when nobody is looking, haha), so I must always remember to show them the same beautiful generosity, unwavering loyalty, empowering honesty and loving kindness that they show me. And also to laugh as much as possible along the wayJ.

I can be judgmental, even insensitive sometimes, with a very logical, methodical way of doing things, but they stick by me regardless. Even when I tried to push them away.

Sometimes I may try to use my ‘Authorative’ voice with them, or try to take control and boss them around. And sometimes they do things that I just cannot explain for the life of me. But every time they do, I learn something new and valuable about not just friendship, but myself.


Actually Princess, maybe the most valuable thing I have learned is not about myself, or even my friends.

I think maybe, it’s that there is always something NEW to learn every day. Life takes us in directions we could never see coming. You end up in places and situations you never expect, with ponies who you could never see yourself with before.

So every day, every second, is a brand new experience with something to show you. There is a whole sea of experience and knowledge at the tip of your hooves. Sometimes it may seem tough, but when you have your friends close by your side, there is nothing you cannot conquer together.

Thankyou Princess, for everything you have done for me. From nurturing my talents as a filly, to pushing me out into the world. Friendship truly is magic after all. And that’s something you just can’t learn from a book.”

Your faithful student—

~~Twilight Sparkle~~

Uhh hey Princess, Spike here. Twilight is too modest for this, but I thought you would enjoy some great clips of her. Enjoy!

Twilight stands her ground:


Twilight is evolving!


What did she see?!


She probably had soap on her hoof…


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