“It is I, Voldemort! Potter is dead! Hogwarts has crumbled! The world as you know it shall fall under my tyrannical rule! Using my evil magic, I have brought unto this realm even more dark lords! Sauron! Darth Vader! Freddy Krueger! That guy who signed Rebecca Black to his label! All of them serve my every whim! Oceans will be choked with the dead! The forests will burn! Mother Nature will commit suicide! Justin Bieber will be played on a non-stop loop! Nazis will once again ride on dinosaurs!!!

“Mwahahaha!! Nothing can stop me now!! NOTHI——who let this yellow pony in here?”

“Um, excuse me sir, if you don’t mind me saying… um….hurting people is mean, so you shouldn’t do that anymore…if that’s ok with you…”


“I’m turning myself in!”


Hi, Cosmic Space Frog here. What you have just witnessed is an accurate representation of the My Little Pony ‘Fluttershy’s’ ability to inflict colossal amounts of “D’AWWWWW” upon all those who look upon her.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to actually, really, physically be turned to a wad of quivering jelly, then you need only gaze upon the soft doe eyes and hear the soothing, demure voice of Fluttershy. This character is the crescendo of cute. The ultimate incarnation of the shows cutesy wutesy nature, and probably the “girliest” thing you are likely to see when watching.

Internet regulars liking this show is already a miracle in and of itself, but Fluttershy becoming a fan favourite is something else entirely. She is everybody’s “waifu”.  I find it particularly interesting that typical keyboard warriors suddenly go weak at the knees now for a pathetic pink haired pegasus pony. Why is that?

Well, Fluttershy has bucketloads of appeal for both males and females.

As a male, I suppose I am qualified to speak on behalf of my gender when I say that her main appeal is making you just want to swoop in and save her. She is so pathetically feeble, that she triggers your instinct to shield her from all the nastiness the world has to offer. It’s like she can’t defend herself, so you feel like you need to.

Girls on the other hand probably connect with her in an entirely different way. As an all knowing expert on women, I believe that a girls connection with Fluttershy is more about wanting to help build up her confidence so that she doesn’t NEED to be protected all the time.


Fluttershy is yet another example of how well written the show is. Remember the pretentious bullcrap that was Captain Planet? Yeah I loved it as a kid too. But remember thinking how lame it must be for that South American kid who got stuck with the power of “Heart” when all his friends could create tidal waves and earthquakes and tornadoes and walls of fire?

Well Fluttershy is basically that kid. Her most prevalent talent is being kind, where as Twilight Sparkle can perform brilliant magic, Rainbow Dash can break the sound barrier, and Applejack could probably shatter a concrete slab into dust if she gave it a good rear kick.

The difference is that everyone thought “Mati” was kind of an annoying douche. But everyone loves Fluttershy, even though she is in pretty much the same situation.

That’s the power of good writing and good character design folks.


 But what about the personality of the pony herself? How does such a meek character find a way to even leave her house on a daily basis? And what could trigger that characters aggression?


Embodying the Element of Kindness is evidently alot tougher than it looks. Because how is such a kind, good-hearted pony supposed to be tough with her friends when the time calls for it? By its very definition, the element of kindness bans Fluttershy from being able to defeat her obstacles like the rest of the group would. She can’t just kick them in the face like Applejack or charge in guns blazing like Rainbow Dash, or even use that horrible manipulative warfare Rarity is so fond of. She just has to…be nice. But this seems to work out fine for her as well, since she is really the only one who knows how to use kindness to her advantage. Just ask the Manticore.

Fluttershy seems to only have the capacity to be assertive or short tempered after she has been pushed around for way too long. She only stood up to the dragon when her friends were thrown to the ground; she only stood up to Rarity after she was backed into a corner and pestered, and she only stood up to that bizarre Cockatrice when it turned Twilight Sparkle into a pony shaped paperweight.

In fact, Fluttershy reminds me alot of THIS character:


She’s like that substitute teacher who everybody abused. You know the one, the one who would take hours and hours of crap before finally cracking the whip and putting your disobedient ass back in the seat. And the fact that she had been good natured right up until she finally snapped made the whole thing much more terrifying and/or pitiable.

I have been waiting with bated breath for Fluttershy to finally sort out that little shit Angel, but because Angel is even closer to Fluttershy’s heart than the other animals she cares for, I doubt she will do anything about the crap Angel gives her.


But Fluttershy seems to also embody another trait, one that took me off guard once I realised it.

She’s like an overbearing mother.

“Just one more bite Angel, then you can go play.” How scarily familiar.

A movie called “Splice” came out last year. If you haven’t seen it I seriously recommend checking it out, but the story is basically about two scientists, Clive and Elsa, who successfully clone a human by hybridising it with various animal DNA. The result is “Dren”, a rapidly aging, unstable, and possibly dangerous creature with…mostly human features. Clive decides that Dren should be destroyed, but Elsa, who never really had a mother of her own, becomes an unofficial mother figure to Dren and begins raising the creature like a child.

Elsa forces herself into the situation, because it’s what SHE feels would be “best” for poor little Dren, regardless of what would be the best logical solution.

Remind you of anyone? *cough*Phillamina *cough*

Fluttershy defends those who are treated unfairly. She might seem weak but the fact that she steps in for her animal friends, and pony friends, shows great fortitude and a strong belief system.

But sometimes, she can over do it.


Fluttershy gives the impression that perhaps something terrible (most likely involving dragons) happened to her when she was very young, before she even got her cutie mark. Now it’s like she feels the need to be as loving as possible, so that others will not have to share her pain. It’s a craving to love and be loved at the same time. Caring so warmly for all these animals might be a way to deal with that.

Crying on the inside. It’s the tragic Pinkie Pie scenario all over again.

Want proof?

“You are going to LOVE MEEEE!!!”

Necessary to the episodes plot or not, being denied the ability to share her love with the flora and fauna apparently has the potential to turn Fluttershy into a raving lunatic.

“Psychoshy” as she has been dubbed, is an interpretation in the same vein of Pinkie Pie’s dark side “Pinkamina”.  Pinkamina has made a few appearances, but Psychoshy has only been featured in one episode (the season finale, “Best Night Ever”). When Fluttershy was avoided by all the new critters at the Grand Galloping Gala, she pretty much lost her mind trying to get the animals to come out of their hidey-holes.

Perhaps its best you see for yourself just how batshit crazy she went after being denied her ‘special talent’.



But let’s be honest, that scene is probably alot less dark than we make it out to be? Fluttershy is a character designed specifically to be pitied and fussed over, those sad eyes and adorable *meeps* have accomplished this brilliantly, so it’s only logical to expect a few interpretations of her character as more tragic than she really probably is, even if they come from the developers themselves.

“Friendship is Magic” is still at its heart, a kid’s show. So the world is naturally contextualised with a much more rosy interpretation of real life events. Realistically, the events of many episodes would seriously splinter friendships in the real world, but as I have said before, the shows pacing and characters are so well built and so likeable that they manage to make endless forgiveness and tolerance completely believable. Nobody in the real world is as good-natured as Fluttershy, but her likeability cancels out your preconceived notions about realism and allows you to enjoy the character.

She is a pony who says to young girls that if you want to be girly, then that’s OK. Just because your friends are great thinkers and champion athletes, doesn’t mean you have to cave in to this notion that a girl being girly is somehow chauvinistic or out of date. It’s all about being who you want to be!

Everyone needs to be shown a bit of kindness, and Fluttershy knows that even if you are a bit of a meek coward, you can still pluck up the courage when you really have to. Especially when it comes to what is best for your friends.

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump!

Some clips of Fluttershy in all her adorable glory.

Official MLP character ad:


Fluttershy Shouts.


Twilight meets Fluttershy for the very first time:

She’s an evil enchantress. Flutterguy cover:


Fluttershy’s Lullaby:


I take no credit for any of these video’s or art. Please believe me. That is…um…if you dont mind.

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