All of a sudden……out of nowhere. IT’S PINKIE PIE!!

Is Pinkie Pie hyper? No. Roadrunner was hyper. The Angry Beavers were hyper. Pinkie Pie has completely rocketed off the hyper charts and become something similar to an ADHD sufferer on a red cordial and cocaine bender.

This turbo-Pony has become extremely popular amongst fans. If any pony could be fairly given the title of MLP Mascot, it would be Pinkie, no contest. There are two habits she has that have propelled her to Equestrian stardom. One is her tendency to subtly break the fourth wall by looking directly at the viewer, as if she knows that they are there. The other, is her apparent ability to bend space and time by being able to appear anywhere at any time in any form. She is one of those types of characters whose actions just aren’t explained, so the story can get away with more laughs without having to justify her newest crazy joke. This has given the artistic community LOTS of creative freedom. Artists commonly draw Pinkie crossing over into other shows, games and movies.

This crazy little creature has proven to be endlessly entertaining. She bounces around like wind-up toy with infinite batteries, she squeaks like a rubber chicken when she gets squeezed or thrown around, and she flies in the face of all the bullcrap the PC Police have been shoving down our throats the last decade. Making the Cookie Monster eat vegetables? PAH! Pinkie lives and works in a goddamn bakery, and she isn’t afraid of her sweet tooth.

Pinkie is just so fun to watch…and so genuinely entertaining.


But she doesn’t have much in the way of identifiable personality does she?

Out of all the Ponies in Equestria, Pinkie is without a doubt the most difficult to try and figure out. The very idea of trying to logically understand and critique a character like Pinkie is utterly redundant, I mean, how do you analysis something like her? Do you go by her entertainment value? Her similarity to real world people? Her relationships with the others? She’s like a friggen Looney Tune who has wandered away from the group for christ sake.

Writing this I actually had to think really hard about a subject matter. Her personality is straightforward enough. Her interaction with the others almost always ends up with them dismissing her as the giggling party animal she is. There’s just nothing to go on. She’s a completely random element dropped into the mix. Like an angry wasp in a cake, or Charles Manson as male nurse. She’s a joke character, made to lighten the mood wherever she goes and she does it with an endless well of energy.

But then, perhaps that’s the point? Maybe she is less of a character and more like an entity that when pointed in the right direction, creates a situation that yields the desired results? NOW we are getting somewhere!


The Pie is a character used very strategically. If you over expose her screen time, she loses the novelty of being a jack-in-the-box and runs the risk of becoming tiresome, so her episodes have been varied and dispersed so far throughout the season. Because of this, those times when you DO see her feel like you’ve been smacked in the face with an Atom Bomb of awesome. This general rule applies to all the characters, but it affects Pinkie especially because her whole purpose is more about making you laugh than picking through her personality traits for the sake of learning the lesson of the episode. Funny things get less funny alot quicker the more see them over and over again.


“But oh magnificent Space Frog!”

I hear you cry…

“Pinkie has been a central character in several episodes and is often a crucial part of communicating that episodes point.”

True, but remember that it is never really Pinkie that learns anything from these events. For example, in “Swarm of the Century” she is the one who knew all along how to really get rid of the bothersome Parasprites, but was constantly ignored because of her lack of consistency with the known universe (which is really no-one’s fault but her own). Then after she saves the day with her one-pony marching band, it’s all the OTHER ponies that have to acknowledge that they were wrong. Pinkie never really learned anything for herself, but she did help the others to understand that it can be beneficial to think and look outside the box for the solution to your problem. She was an element, not a character, a force implemented by the developers that pushed the other pony’s points of view in a new and helpful direction.

 I’m sure there is a technical name for what I have just described, but I don’t know what it is so here’s one I made up.



To a child obviously none of this matters. But to those of us who have become hooked on the show, it helps to understand things like this about our pony friends. (Fun fact! This statement can be thrown like a blanket over these silly articles I write!)


Now, all of this is not to say that it would not be interesting if Pinkie DID start being personalised on a deeper level. This is proven by “The Cutie Mark Chronicles”, which sheds some light on Pinkie back story.

Turns out she was an unhappy little filly who grew up working on a rock quarry. Who’da thunk it? Every day was hard work. No laughing. No talking, just movin’ those rocks day after day under the watchful eye of her mother and father who were channelling the spirit of a stuck up hag and an Amish gravedigger respectively.

But the faraway Sonic Rainboom of a young Rainbow Dash made Pinkie realise that Jack Nicholson was right after all….

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

From that point on, life was a 24/7 rollercoaster for the petite pink party pony and her life has been all the better for it.


An extremely noteworthy episode called “Feeling Pinkie Keen” is worth mentioning. It was an episode where Pinkies personality genuinely clashed with that of another’s….namely Twilights.

Apparently, Pink has the ability to randomly predict certain events, like something falling from the sky or a door swinging open unexpectedly. She predicts the events by way of involuntary body twitches, which could come and go at any time. What makes this episode REALLY interesting is that the storywriters got a little bold and decided to use Pinkie to help illustrate what it would be like to pit someone who is, for all intents and purposes, a goofy psychic…against someone who is basically a complete Atheist.

It was very cool to see both characters dance delicately around the subject without ever confirming what they were actually talking about. Twilight…representing the logical but narrow minded point of view…literally stands up on an actual soapbox and gives a very smug speech about how everything can be explained and that there is basically no such thing as the supernatural. Whilst Pinkie…representing the weird but spiritually open side of the fence…continues to predict random events with total confidence.

Twilight’s judgmental attitude backfires time and time again when she tempts fate and questions Pinkies accuracy, but Pinkie also doesn’t do herself any favours in convincing Twilight that it’s worth listening to her at all.

In the end, Twilight comes around and accepts that even though it might be weird, even though she doesn’t understand it, that doesn’t mean she should look down her nose at someone whose philosophy, has enriched their lives for the better. She may still not totally agree with Pinkies odd methods, but that doesn’t mean nobody has the right to believe in them at all. You just have to choose for yourself what to believe.

It was a VERY clever episode, one that not only personalises Pinkie a bit more but handles a sensitive topic in a very smart way. It was superbly constructed and remains one of my favourites.


Pinkamina Dianne Pie has proven herself to be endlessly entertaining. With a boundless well of energy, she sings and parties her way across the land, spreading happiness and fun with a smile that stretches from ear to ear.

She breaks the fourth wall, appears at random places in the funniest of ways, and proves that even though someone has an utterly batshit INSANE personality, they can still prove to be one of your most valuable allies.

She who holds the element of laughter has helped us to remain cheerful and optimistic. Because when you can giggle at the ghosties, life seems immediately brighter.

Here are some clips of Pinkie doing whatever it is she does!

-The montage

-Shes an evil enchantress!

-An 8-bit version of giggle at the ghosties!

(I take no credit for any art, video’s or pictures. Neither does Pinkie)

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