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My Top 10 Favorite CGI Animation Movie Scenes Ever

#1 —- ParaNorman —- A story for Agatha


So did everyone just….forget…about ParaNorman? With all the recent hype surrounding the Frozen songs it’s a wonder anyone is even aware this movie was released at all. Truly one of the more underrated movies of 2012, ParaNorman was a sharp little creation done entirely in 3d stop motion animation. Forgoing many of the clichés of traditional kid’s movies, ParaNorman had its sights set squarely on the hypocrisy of the modern adult and the barbaric similarities many of us still share with the backwards, uneducated, god-fearing hicks of the Salem witch hunting era.

Centred on a young boy (Norman Babcock) with the unique gift of being able to communicate with the dead, the plot involves Norman being told by a distant relative that he is the only one who can stop a witches curse that was laid on the town hundreds of years ago and thus prevent the dead from rising from their graves to devour the living. The movie favors old fashioned suspense and genuine creepiness in its tone that gives it an edge rarely seen in most adult horror movies let alone kids films. There’s a definite feeling of dread and uncomfortable sickness that permeates the entire run time and it really gives the movie a great atmosphere. The mystery of Norman’s town and its evil past are both genuinely intriguing, and the characters are all earnest and believable.

The great twist of the movie is that the zombies apparently out to eat everyone’s brains are really more afraid of us than we are of them. They stumble into our modern world and are utterly horrified at how violent and lazy we are, even running in fear from the townspeople as they chase them in an angry mob with pitchforks and shotguns.

But the zombies are not as innocent as they seem. They were once people. Farmers, maids, husbands, wives and judges. People who, in their fear and stupidity, took an innocent  young girl with powers like Normans away from her mother and killed her for witchcraft. The spirit of this girl would linger on, and manifest itself in the form of the witches curse. ‘Angry Aggie’ had taken over, and only those with the ability to talk to the dead can read her the bedtime story that keeps her sleeping for another year.

But Norman realises that the story is not enough, and does something that none before him have dared…he tries to talk to the spirit of Agatha directly and release her from her torment. This is where one of the most powerful scenes in animated history takes place.

Agatha terrifies Norman, hurts him, throws him, tries to kill him, makes him hallucinate and rejects all the good sense he tries to make to her. Her desire to make her killers suffer is so great that it has corrupted her being, and turned her into just as much of an evil creature as they were to her. The only thing that makes Agatha come to her senses…is being told that she is not alone. That there is always someone who cares for you. Always someone to sympathize. And that all the revenge in the world can never undo what has been done.

Make no mistake…this is an INTENSE scene. The music is ghostly and suspenseful and the imagery is genuinely frightening. Made all the more so by the fact that you can sympathize with how Agatha feels. We have all had people hurt us badly at some point in our lives, and we all feel the need for swift and brutal revenge, so in a way you almost find yourself rooting for her. But in the end, the strongest person, the best person, the smartest person is the one who is influenced by the good in their lives…not the bad.

By the movies end, you see that Norman and Agatha are two sides of the same coin. One passive and accepting, one bitter and vengeful. Each one knows how the other feels, each one can sympathize, and each one can teach something valuable, and both of them will forever know what it’s like to feel alone in a crowd.

But now, thanks to Norman, they both know what it’s like to find a hand to hold onto so you don’t get lost. 


My Top 10 Favourite CGI Movie Animation Scenes Ever

#2 —- Wall-E —- Space Dancing

“Computer, define ‘dancing’.”

With humanity finally trapped in the slump of laziness and empty-headedness we seem to be madly rushing towards today, two little robots unknowingly demonstrate the spark of life and creativity with a simple frolic amongst the jet propulsions of a spaceship engine and the infinite stars of the universe.

It’s a sad irony when it is two essentially lifeless automatons that have to remind us that there is more to life than having our heads buried in IPhones and our mouths crammed full of McDonalds.

What will you do today? Paint a self-portrait? Build a house? Write a movie script and become the next Scorsese? You will only find out if you get up and put in the effort.

My Top 10 Favourite CGI Movie Animation Scenes Ever

#3 —- Toy Story —- You are just a toy

Toy Story. The first movie ever made using entirely CG environments and characters is still as relevant today as it was when it was released. The simple story of a boys favourite wooden cowboy feeling inadequate and threatened by the flashy new spaceman in town permeates every layer of what it means to be not a toy, but human and comfortable in your own skin.

Seeing Buzz wake up to the realisation of what he is was one of the most heartbreaking scenes in animation history. But the real cherry on top was his stalwart denial and true belief in his fantasy that was of course, destined to fail when he tried to fly out the window. Alone on the floor of a strangers house, broken on the outside and inside, lying motionless in the realisation that he was not who he thought he was, Buzz finally sees his own delusion.

In any other movie, Buzz’s heroic denial of his apparent disability would be the thing that carries him to a happy ending…but what made Toy Story so great was that the characters accepted themselves and their own limitations and used what seemed like a disadvantage as a tool to succeed.

Sometimes it’s good to re-learn as an adult what you were taught as a kid, and Toy Story (and both its sequels) is full of lessons for life. 

My Top 10 Favourite CGI Movie Animation Scenes Ever

#4 —- The Incredibles —- Dash through the jungle.

The first Pixar movie with an all human cast, I honestly didn’t think much of The Incredibles when I first saw the trailer. A young me was put off by the simplistic name, as it seemed to only appeal to the toy-marketing money machine of corporate wealth. If I could travel back in time, this is just one of the many hundreds of things I would smack my younger self upside the head for thinking. The Incredibles was a wonderfully crafted adventure made just as much (if not more so) for adults as it was for kids. Each member of the family had powers that reflected the stereotypes of modern suburbia. You have Bob as the strong but weary load-bearer of the family…Helen as the impossibly flexible and constantly stressed housewife with a million jobs, Violet as the introverted anti-social teenager, Jack Jack as the utterly unpredictable infant, and my favourite character Dashell Robert Parr as the difficult younger brother with infinite energy.

I sympathise a lot with Dash as my childhood was somewhat like his. I couldn’t run across water, but I did get into trouble in school a lot and always clashed with other members of my family. So seeing him finally have an excuse to unleash his full potential by outrunning Syndromes goons in the jungle felt incredibly gratifying.

It’s colourful, its frenetic, and if you think about it…it’s like an extended “Let it Go’ sequence…only with a 9 year old boy taking the place of Elsa and super speed taking the place of ice magic.

The Incredibles did ‘Let it Go’ first, and the Incredibles did it best.  

My Top 10 Favourite CGI Movie Animation Scenes Ever

#5 —- How to Train Your Dragon —- Mercy on the Night Fury

“I looked into his eyes…and I saw myself. He was just as frightened as I was”.

The ropes snap. Toothless springs to his feet and stares into Hiccups soul…the eerie sound of bagpipes and flutes permeate the background, and toothless darts away.

A similar message to Fantastic Mr. Fox, How to Train Your Dragon is perhaps one of the finest examples we have in our modern world of why all living creatures deserve respect. Deep down, at the core of our being…we are all just creatures trying to survive. All things fear. All things want. All things are alive. There is nothing I can say to illustrate why this movie and this moment are great that the film did not already do a trillion times better. If you still haven’t seen it, get yourself a copy and watch it so you can join me in wetting yourself in excitement for the sequel.


My Top 10 Favourite CGI Movie Animation Scenes Ever


#6 —- Kung Fu Panda —- The Furious Five vs Tai Lung

You gotta love a well-choreographed martial arts scene. CGI martial arts is something only Kung Fu Panda has done well, and the fight between the furious five and Tai Lung is easily the most spectacular.

There’s nothing particularly special plot wise happening here. Tigress in her arrogance has opted to challenge Tai Lung on a long wooden rope bridge and her companions have joined her. Tai Lung proves more than a match for all five of the fighters, and  having the whole fight set over a gigantic chasm just makes it all the more tense. The bridge swiftly becomes little more than shaky ropes and the fight still rages on. Just like a good Jackie Chan scene, the fighters use everything at their disposal to their advantage…the wooden planks of the bridges, the ropes themselves, even the air around them…everything about this fight is unique and visceral.

I could watch this fight a hundred times and not get tired of it. 

My Top 10 Favourite CGI Movie Animation Scenes Ever

#7 —- Finding Nemo —- In the whales mouth

This is easily one of the most well received and popular movies of all time. I truly believe that Finding Nemo will be remembered alongside other classics such as Gone With the Wind, The Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix, and Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’.

Everyone has a favourite scene from this movie…there are so many to pick from. There’s the encounter with Bruce and his friends, there’s the taking of Nemo himself, there’s the seagulls, the Angler fish, Mt. Wannahockaloogie, Darla…and a hundred other memorable moments.

But for me, the one that stuck with me was the scene in the whales mouth…with Marlin fruitlessly charging against the impenetrable barrier of baleen and Dory happily riding the waves in the background.

“I have to find my son! I have to tell him! How! Old! Sea! Turtles! Are!!!!”

This scene drove home everything that made Marlin and Dory great characters. You see Marlins unbreakable determination begin to crack, and you see Dory’s free spirit begin to make a positive difference in her life. It highlights everything great about the two fish, and gives them a chance to truly bond and trust each other…a trust that will help cement them as friends for life.